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Ice Cream Desserts

Try our delicious in-house churned Ice Cream Desserts!

We may have the word burger in our name, but at 5280Burger Bar we’re as passionate about ice cream desserts as we are about our namesake sandwich!  That’s why we have our very own talented ice cream chef who churns our flavors fresh every single day.  We take pride in using high quality ingredients in our frozen concoctions, like Belgian chocolate and farm fresh dairy products.  If you’re a purist you can enjoy our flavors straight up in a cone or cup, but we also use them to create other ice cream desserts like our sundaes and shakes.  And if you’re in the mood for something just a little bit naughty, be sure and try one our Shaketinis.  Because what could be better than ice cream with a little booze! Be sure to stop by often because we’re making exciting new flavors all the time so there will always be new ice cream desserts to try.

Always Available Flavors

Wild Strawberry ~ Mexican Vanilla ~ Belgian Chocolate ~ Caramelized Banana ~ Toasted Coconut ~ Coffee ~ Sea Salted Caramel ~ Mint Chocolate

8 Something Special Flavors

Our in-house Ice Cream Chef is constantly experimenting with new flavors, some a
little out there, and some a lot, all outrageous.  Every day there are eight of them on the board. One is guaranteed to be your new favorite!

Come enjoy the best ice cream desserts in Denver

Ice Cream Sizes






Waffle Cone……add $1.50

Kids Cone……$0.50


Toppings……$0.50 per

Shaved Chocolate ~ Toasted Coconut ~ Pecans ~ Vanilla Wafers ~ Sprinkles ~ Almonds ~ Oreos



Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Fudge, Caramel & Pecans

Very Strawberry

Strawberry Ice Cream, Sweet Strawberries & Whipped Cream

Black & Tan

Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Fudge, Almonds & Whipped Cream

Build Your Own

1. Ice Cream……2 Scoops

2. Sauce and Fruit……Fudge, Caramel, Strawberry or Pineapple

3. Topping……Any One

4. Whipped Cream

Shakes……$6.00 (for all ages)

Strawberry ~ Mexican Vanilla ~ Chocolate ~ Banana Split ~ Toasted Coconut ~ Turtle ~ S’Mores ~ Mint Chocolate Chip


All Ice Cream Churned In-House


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