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Celebrate the Ice Cream Sundae in Denver

ice cream sundae in DenverAt 5280 Burger Bar we love ice cream just as much as we love handcrafted burgers.  We’re lucky to have  5280 Ice Cream churning up gallons of the delicious frozen treat right next door and using it to make an awesome ice cream sundae in Denver.

Like many beloved American dishes and drinks, the exact origin of the ice cream sundae is not known.  Many cities claim to be the birthplace, with most of the origin stories taking place around the late 1800’s and often involving the dish first being made on Sunday.  During this time some cities, states and counties had laws that stated ice cream sodas could not be served on Sunday.  Some stories involve creative businessmen who got around the laws by making an ice cream sundae with syrups and sauces, rather than soda.

The city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin is reported to be the home of the first ice cream sundae.  The city even has a historical marker that details the story of a customer who asked Edward C. Berner, the owner of a local soda fountain, for ice cream topped with the chocolate syrup used for sodas.  It became a popular dish and was only served on Sundays.  When a young girl asked for one on another day of the week, telling them to “pretend it was Sunday” the soda fountain began serving them every day.  The spelling was changed to sundae after a glass salesman placed an order for the now iconic glass boats for serving and called them “sundae dishes.”  Other cities that claim to be the true birthplace of the ice cream sundae include Evanston and Plainfield in Illinois, New York City, New Orleans, Cleveland, and Ithaca, New York.

Regardless of the true origin of the dessert, you can always come to 5280 Ice Cream and 5280 Burger Bar and celebrate the ice cream sundae in Denver with one from our menu or create your own.

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