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Two Spoons Up! Why Handcrafted Ice Cream Choices Make a Dandy Dessert

Two Spoons Up! Why Handcrafted Ice Cream Choices Make a Dandy Dessert

The statistics tell the story: Americans don’t just scream for ice cream, they back it up with pretty considerable consumption and celebration:

  • We consume 23 pounds of ice cream per person in this country and produce 1.54 billion gallons.
  • Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry are our top three favorite flavors, combining for nearly half of the preferences in a dairy industry survey. Chocolate chip and butter pecan were in very distant fourth and fifth place, respectively.
  • We think ice cream is special enough to celebrate it for an entire month: President Ronald Reagan declared July to be National Ice Cream Month starting in 1984, with National Ice Cream Day on July 16.

Yet some people won’t avail themselves of the opportunity to try the very best handcrafted ice cream choices when it’s available at a restaurant. Here are their excuses, and why those excuses deserve to be ignored in favor of a little indulgence:

It’s fattening

Like pasta, ice cream gets a bad rap as a food with excessive calories; but the calories really only pile up when you pile on the toppings. A scoop of handcrafted ice cream offers only 150 to 300 calories, less than commercially-made products, because there is more control over the fat and sugar added to the recipe.

It tastes different

That’s the fun of trying a scoop of handcrafted ice cream; you experiment and try a small serving of something new, or a few scoops of new flavors, without the investment in a pint or a gallon. And when you dine out, you’re with family or friends and you can share dessert. It’s a way to divide the sweet spoils while still enjoying a treat.

I’m too full after dinner

The simple solution is to leave room for dessert before you start dinner: order a to-go box or doggy bag with your meal, and pack up half of it before you start eating. You’ll eat less, provide yourself with a meal for tomorrow and have room to spare for a sweet finale.

You’ll find that handcrafted ice cream, gourmet burgers, drinks, salads and sides make up more than a menu at 5280 Burger, they unite to form an unparalleled dining experience. Call us or stop in at our Denver or Westminster locations, and taste our obsession.

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